Coopers DIY Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit, 2-Gallon

Coopers DIY Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit, 2-Gallon

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The Coopers Craft Brew Beer Kit includes everything you need to make 2 gallons of great tasting beer. A patented fermenter that makes brewing even easier and quicker, an easy to read plastic hydrometer specifically made for beer, plus an Instructional DVD-ROM to answer all your brewing questions. The only you need to get brewing is water. Since the Coopers Craft Brew Kit is completely reusable all you need is another refill to get brewing your next batch. Before you know it you will calling yourself a brew-master and making beer like the pros.


  • Includes a 2 Gallon reusable, easy to use patented fermenter made for easy brewing and cleaning
  • Comes with 11 reusable 740ml plastic PET O2 Barrier bottles with caps, the O2 barrier will help keep your beer fresh for longer
  • This kit includes Mr. Beer's Diablo IPA Refill
  • Top of the line all malt refills ensure you a more consistent result
  • This Kit also includes Coopers Beer Hydrometer, Bottling Wand, Brewing Thermometer, and instructional DVD


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